It’s all about the team

One thing I have learned from this internship is how much, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. Starting out on the journey that was this internship, I honestly believed that being a great intern meant I had to be almost totally independent of others. I believed that I had to prove to everyone that I could perform any task issued to me, with zero assistance. Within the first weeks however, I realized how wrong this notion was. If it were not for the assistance of my coworkers and superiors, duties such as codifying and theming the 900 text responses to our weekly surveys would not be as effortless. I would most certainly have succumbed under the heft of my various assignments many times over if it were not for my project team, who stepped in to lend a hand from time to time.

It has become very apparent to me that the progress made by the project is due to more than the works or addition of a single individual, but rather through the synergy of the various members of the project’s team. I have come to understand that a team is still a team even in the realms of the professional world, and as the old saying goes, “there is no ‘I’ in team.” Doing a job is not always about being the best or outshining others, but most times about being that piece that completes the proverbial ‘puzzle’. As I look back, these are things I wished I had known on beginning my internship. This knowledge would have possibly saved me many of the sleepless night, I spent trying to complete almost insurmountable tasks by myself. I would have known that asking for help does not make you seem incompetent, but failure to complete tasks, most certainly will.

A sage individual once said, “a wise man never stops learning”, and I know I have many lessons to learn in my lifetime. This was my first internship, the genesis of my professional learning. The fact that I was able to learn this crucial doctrine about the value of teamwork so early, ensures that when the next career opportunity comes along, I will be prepared for it.

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