#2 What has surprised me the most

Honestly what has surprised me the most about research is how slow it it can be. Sure there is a day or two in which I am making tons of progress but most of my weeks are slow. Before I began research I thought, in my ideal world, I would be making discoveries left and right or at the very least making quick progression from one area to the next. However, in reality, I will run into multiple problems every week that will require my attention and become an obstacle for that week. As a result, progression can be slow and as I realize, this is the nature of research. Science is not progressed quickly and discoveries are not made left and right because that is how science is intended to be: a rigorous process that does not lend itself to frequent and sweeping discoveries but rather careful and accurate data collection and analysis. It seems silly, but the sluggishness of research, or at least of my research, surprised me at first, but now I understand why it’s slow and why it needs to be slow.

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