#5. Reflection.

Throughout my summer, I worked with other undergraduates, developing and hosting outreach programs for inner city high school students. When talking to some of these students, many f them were unaware of the common app, how to navigate through FAFSA, and really what the college application process really looked like. As we walked these students through these barriers, it was amazing to see that these things they saw as almost impossible simmer down to tedious crafts that they could now help people through. Not only that, but we also exposed many of these students to workshops and sessions where they learned much about their identities. It is an unforgettable moment, seeing the excitement on a students face when they realize those things they thought minimal actually be something meaningful and impacting in their lives.

Living in a college town in which you talk about credits, classes, exams, and more, it is easy to forget that not everyone has access to an education. I was once a child, lost, clueless, and confused on what was next, but thankfully, I ran into some wonderful people that helped me get back on track and realize the potential that I had within me. It becomes easy to get caught up in the moment and forget why it is you are doing some things, but it is for students like those, who have potential but have no one to guide them, is why we do what we do. This summer was a wonderful experience and by far, the best summer I have had.

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