Blog 3

Throughout my internship I obviously worked with a diverse, but yet similar, group of students. Although they were all different from one another, they were similar in the fact that they all had a story to tell involving similar characteristics. The journey of working with the Youth Impact Program, for the second time, brought about the characteristics of not tolerating excuses. My first year working with YIP I felt sort of obligated to gain the trust and attention of the students as well as my peers to bring about the fact that I can relate on a personal level with this kind of work. However, as this being my second year I took a different approach. I took the approach that being more of a mentor to these youth, I would like to hold them accountable for their actions and decisions that they made with the thought process of helping them dissect why they reacted the way they did in situations. This was all with the goal of, using psychological reinforcement to get them to understand themselves and the circumstances they stand in with the idea of having a better comprehension of how their decisions affect them. While doing this I discovered that I often didn’t want to hear excuses and wasn’t to find when the pupils attempted to give me one and as we progressed I saw that the excuses slowly faded away.

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