Blog 4

When I first began this internship with the Youth Impact Program, this year, I identified that I had two goals. One of my goals was that I hope develop a relationship between myself and one of the accompanying students that would last outside of the duration of YIP. I’ve learned throughout time that working with students during the YIP camp can often be difficult if you cannot relate or gain trust from students due to the different backgrounds of the participants. Knowing that, I was able to take a direct approach that has allowed me to make this goal realistic and in effect. Another goal I hoped to accomplish was a better understanding of the operation of the YIP camp program. I wanted to look at the organization structure of the camp and see what finer details are needed to make this process successful. As I have been working with YIP I was able to see the analytics and the schedules of operation to gain a better idea of what it takes to pull the YIP function off. I have also been able to speak with the key organizers of YIP to get a deeper insight and understanding of what goes on to make YIP a huge success. I believe that I am doing a great job interacting with the kids of YIP and serving as a trustworthy mentor that allows access for them to come to me and confide in me. I feel that along this journey a part of my personal growth has been becoming more enthusiastic and excited to help the kids do the same when taking part of this wonderful experience.

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