Festivals for MyVoice are awesome!

Festivals, Who can honestly say they don’t like them? Especially when these festivals allow you to influence a difference in your generation, what is there to dislike? Quite frankly, I consider the best part of my role as community outreach director on the MyVoice project are all the festivals and events that I am able to attend, where I can fellowship with young people like myself. At these festivals, I am provided an auspice to educate youths about their civil liberties, and actively engage them in being apart of the part of our society that is heard, through writing postcards to local and national decision-makers.

These two pictures are from the 2 recent festivals, I had the honor of attending as an ambassador for MyVoice. The thoughts these young minds expressed in their postcards on the most intricate issues in our society really expressed to me more than ever that the voices of young people need to be included in policy decisions.

The first picture is from the Live on Washington, the annual youth music, arts and craft festival held right in downtown Ann Arbor. The second picture is from the Maker Faire Detroit festival, the annual science, arts and crafts festival held in Detroit.

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