Future Studies / #6

Now that my internship has finished, I am beginning to process what I have learned and experienced, and how it will influence my future studies. I went into this internship believing that I wanted to become and Urban Planner, with goals set on enrolling in an Urban and Regional Planning Masters Program. I hoped this experience would inform me more about the field, and would confirm or deny my feelings towards that path of study.

I think that this experience fulfilled what I had hoped to gain from it. From spending time in the Planning office, I learned that the type of Urban Planning that occurs in a municipal office isn’t exactly what I would like to do in the future. But from this experience, I was introduced a design consultant, and I was able to have the opportunity to sit down with him and talk about his work. This was a significant conversation for me. This consultant informed me to a subset of urban planning I hadn’t known about before, with a focus that clicked with me more than the type of work I encountered at my internship. He encouraged me to take classes, and introduced me to resources and firms that do the sort of work I was interested in.

For the fall, I enrolled in an Introduction to Urban Planning course. I believe this will be a good course because of the comprehensive introduction of the whole field, and it will have a section dedicated to urban design. I think I can build upon my internship experience with this course, and continue taking urban planning and design courses in the winter semester depending on what interests me most in my fall course.

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