Have Patience | Blog Post #4

My internship in the Klionsky lab has taught me so much about what goes into a scientific research project.  During all of my previous research experiences, I contributed to projects that were already up and running.  My supervisors (usually Ph.D students) had already spend a lot of time and energy reviewing the relevant literature, preparing the appropriate supplies (reagents, primers, cell lines, etc), and planning the first few experiments.  Thus, I was able to begin experimenting quite quickly.  My current project, on the other hand, had required me to do much of the pre-experimental work.  I spent the first two weeks of my internship reviewing the available literature discussing my topic.  Once I had a grasp of what has and has not been done already, I began to brainstorm multiple questions upon which I could focus my investigation and the first few experiments they would require.  Finally, I began working to construct the yeast strains I would need to use in future experiments.  This is what has been filling my time for the past three weeks.  And as of now, I believe I may have successfully engineered the strains I need.  It has been a long process, but I am looking forward to beginning my experiments and the exciting data they will produce!

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