Insights about the future of automation in industry and society| #5

I spent the summer automating a process that was traditionally done by humans. Before the advent of AI, programming, etc, trading stocks was done by people. I recently read a statistics that more than 70% of stocks are traded by computers. It leaves one to wonder what are humans going to automate next?

Recently, Google’s AlphaGo AI beat a real person at Go and Tesla has been making strides in automating driving. There come to a point where you realize, a lot of the jobs that are on the job market can and will be automated. If Tesla succeeds in creating an automated driver, what will happen to all the truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, etc?

The industry is changing towards favoring the highly educated even more and our education systems need to change their curriculum to prepare the next generation of workers. Industry will only employ more and more machines in the future, technological unemployment will only get worse.

Ultimately, I think automation will overall raise our society’s living standards, but our institutions and governments will need to react accordingly.

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