Interview#1 A Senior Quant

X is a friend of my friend. Two weeks ago when my friend B paid a visit to my apartment. We talked about my intern and he introduced me to a friend of him who worked as Quant for 3 years in a big name and is now working in a hedge fund in New York. We call him X in this blog.

X is a typical smart Chinese guy who went to a great university at 17, went into a big name right after graduation, got into a hedge fund before 23, and now considering running his own business. He introduced me to the whole process of interview and remind me of the things I should prepare for the fall recruiting season. Not surprisingly, I find him hard working and always has a positive attitude towards different situations. He understands what he wants and is willing to devote his efforts to fulfill his goal. He is never satisfied with what he has already got.

After 30 minutes’ talk with him, I am more prepared of what I will be confronted in a near future, and I am more confident with myself. He is so approachable given his success in the peers, it’s such an honor to know someone like him.

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