My future | Blog Post #4

Going into this internship I truly thought I might be interested in starting a small organic farm and selling produce to local restaurants. That being said, this internship has showed me that perhaps going into the field of farming is not exactly what I want to do. I will be graduating in December, so I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out where and what I will be happiest doing. Although I greatly enjoyed my experience on the farm, I saw almost immediately the dedication and around the clock work it took to make a farm run. Oftentimes the owners would be working full days on the weekends and would work into the night after the interns and other employees had gone home. I do not mind the hard labor, but being “married” to one place is not something I am comfortable with. I hope to find something that allows me a little more freedom and time off to enjoy my personal hobbies and I am thankful for this experience to have shown me that farming is not for me.

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