Powerful Women #3

For most of my life, I have been passionate about women’s issues. When I arrived at Umich, I was so excited to begin my education in Women’s Studies and PoliSci. I wanted to take my passion and soon-to-be acquired knowledge, and help create policies that would create real change.

Since starting my internship this summer, I have been able to actually begin accomplishing this goal. Many times throughout this internship, I have reflected on the fact that I am very lucky. Not only did I stumble across this amazing internship that allows me to empower women every day, but I also found a great role model in my boss. She is amazing at what she does, and she has taught me how to believe in myself and my skills. At SMG Strategies and VRL, we have a phrase for clients: “You are qualified.” With all of the encouragement that I get, it’s hard not to believe it!

Besides personal growth, this internship has also allowed me to grow in terms of my networking and ‘public relations’ skills. I have been fortunate enough to attend all types of trainings and events, from our own civic engagement Backyard Civics 101 courses, to our own VRL Run As You Are trainings, to Emily’s List trainings. Going to these events has forced me to step outside of my comfort zone as a quiet person, and learn how to make meaningful connections. I would actually say that I’m good at it now! I am grateful that I have been able to grow professionally in this way… and it doesn’t hurt that most of the connections that I am making are with other empowered women who share my passion and goals. It is an indescribable feeling to be in a room filled with inspiring women.

My last day for the summer is coming up next week, and I will be sorry to leave. This has been a fulfilling summer, both professionally and personally.

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