Reflecting on Farming | Blog Post #5

In the beginning, I had been scheduled to work for four months this summer. In the end after many stressful conversations and requirements from the school and employer, my internship ended up being 6 weeks. I was stressed out and unhappy that I had to complete an internship in order to obtain my degree, but after completing it I have found that I am happy to have had the experience. I remember thinking after the first few days that I should have chosen something other than working in a field for 9 hours a day as my internship, but over the course of the 6 weeks I found satisfaction in a row of plants that had been freshly weeded or spending hours harvesting a crop and finally seeing the literal fruit of my labor. I encountered many issues along the way, but pushed past them to find joy in what I was doing. Many opportunities were presented to me through this internship that I am grateful for and even though I do not think farming is for me, this job has allowed me to see a new side of food and reflect on which aspects of the food system I am drawn to more than others. By the end of the internship I was sad to leave the few other people I worked with and knew I would miss seeing my dog being able to run around carefree. Since I have ended my internship, I have gone back a few times to help with farm dinners and private luncheons and I think this is where I will be happier.

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