Reflections and Realizations #5

Working as a production intern/music assistant for the TEAM this summer for Primer for a Failed Superpower was one of the most insightful experiences I’ve ever had. I learned a wealth of information about the process that goes into working for a professional theatre company, and the operations for mounting a full on production. It was also the first time I’ve seen anything like Primer. It was a full length concert that really made effort to focus on identity, protest, and empowerment. As a production intern you see what goes into the behind the scenes of really making sure that a project can be up on its feet. I very much so admire all the work my supervisor does, and see how much hard work goes into being a producer. The internship made me realize a few things about myself though, which I’m thankful for.

I very much so enjoy the work that I did, and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such an amazing and necessary project. I realize though that in the rehearsal room was where I felt the most at home. The artistic and creative work that took place in that room took me to a place of warmth and comfort. Being that my main background is in performance, I realize now that being on the artistic side of the process is where I truly feel at home. Whether that means I am a performing or directing I know now that I am most driven in the artistic realm of performing arts. I greatly admire and appreciate all the work that the people, like my supervisor, who work in arts management do, because without them this work could not exist. It is extremely hard work, and very important to keep performers and the arts sustained. Yet, more and more I continue to be pushed into the direction of taking the performance route head on. I know now that’s why I did this internship. I walked out being so greatly appreciative of all the work that it takes to do this work, and how important it is, but also learning where I find myself fully fitting in. This internship came at the perfect time for me, and I’m so thankful for the wonderful opportunity, insight, and realizations it has brought to me. I now can say I have experience in both sides of the performing arts, and also now know where my heart lies. I can go into different settings with knowledge about the different elements at work to create art that is relevant and important to our society. Going into my senior year I feel like I know where I want to go, and that’s something a lot of people can’t say. It has been an amazing learning journey and I’m so thankful. I’m also so happy about the relationships that have come from this process. Thank you to the TEAM, and Primer for a Failed Superpower for affording me this opportunity!


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