Saying Goodbye | #5

Now that I’ve left my internship, I think it’s a good time to reflect on what I’ve taken away from it. It’s become very clear to me, both through my presence at the internship and through reflecting in these blog posts, that I owe a great deal to Baltimore STYLE and Mid-Atlantic Media for the experience and knowledge they have given me this summer, but I also wound up leaving the internship with some concrete takeaways, as well.

Shortly before my last day, my supervisor met with me one-on-one to discuss my progress over the course of the internship. She consulted with me on my resume and gave me advice for what to add about this internship. I found this really helpful, because she was showing me the concrete ways in which this internship experience would help me continue onto a professional path.

Another important thing was that I got to write one longer-form piece for the printed edition of the magazine over the course of the entire summer. My piece dealt with local collage artists around Baltimore. I got to do all of the research myself and to conduct email, phone, and in-person interviews in order to write the piece. To be given this kind of editorial license at my internship was validating and empowering, and what’s more, I’m now leaving the internship with a quality writing sample that’s been published in a printed magazine.

I owe a lot to Baltimore STYLE, and not only in terms of things that look good on a resume. Now, as I enter my junior year at the University of Michigan, I take journalism a lot more seriously and am even considering pursuing it as a career path. Without my internship this summer, I would be in a different place entirely in terms of my self-confidence and professional aspirations, so I am very thankful to have had such an enriching experience.

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