So Long Summer in Slovenia

Wow, I cannot believe this summer is coming to a close. When I look back on everything I did in the past 8 weeks, it’s truly incredible. I studied jellyfish in the Adriatic Sea and traveled to see the most beautiful scenery.

The internship was very poorly organized and I think many changes need to be made in order for more Michigan students to take part in this experience. That being said, I made the best of a really bad situation and ended up accomplishing a lot. At first I was assigned a mentor who was new to the lab and didn’t seem to really care about the students working with him. So halfway through I took things into my own hands, found a new mentor who was passionate about her work and really excited to teach me. I was able to run my own project collecting jellyfish data and actually wrote a report at the end of the 8 weeks. This report will be used by my mentor for a future scientific paper.

I guess I’ve learned that all labs are not as easy to be a part of as I would hope. This internship has taught me how to make the most of a really bad work situation and has showed me that I really like to learn, no matter what it takes. I have absolutely loved Slovenia, a country I never would have traveled to had it not been for this internship. Would recommend 10/10.



Biology and Environment major at the University of Michigan. Boston --> Ann Arbor --> Piran, Slovenia. I <3 sailing, backpacking, theater, and baking.

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