This is it…the end.

I realized today that sooner than I would like to accept, this internship with MyVoice will draw to a close. It is increasingly undeniable that in a matter of weeks, I will be back in a lecture hall, learning about derivatives and heteroscedasticity. Where did the time go? It almost feels like these last two months just flew by with little recognition.  I must however face the fact that this will admittedly be my last blog post.

As I reminisce on all that I have done during this internship, I am not sad. The memories, experiences, lessons and connections, I have gained over the duration of it are mementos that will last a lifetime. Working with MyVoice was an occasion I knew would be propitious, even prior to my first day. Looking back, I was not disappointed. I planned, designed and led numerous outreach projects, collaborated with various youth interest groups and community leaders, and even co-authored multiple manuscripts. The internship was everything I desired it to be. I am really shocked that in my first blog, I express doubts about the challenges that I would face as an intern, as though there were challenges, my team ensured that I barely felt them.

I’ll miss being in such a stimulating work environment, and as I prepare to resume classes in a week, I’ll always cherish the fond memories I had at my very first internship. I’ll also never forget the benevolent souls on the MyVoice project who were there with me every step of the way

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