Hospital Chronicles #1 | Beginning of my Internship

Going into the summer after my Junior year, I had a lot to look forward to and a lot of things that could stress me out. As a pre-med student, I wanted to focus on studying for the MCAT and beginning the medical school application process. In May I attended a mass meeting where the Assistant Dean of Admissions for the medical school gave a talk. He spoke on the many requirements it takes to get into medical school and one of the things that stuck out to me most was experience volunteering or working in a hospital. As I began thinking about that I realized I really didn’t have a lot of experiences working in a hospital. That is what sparked my interest in my internship. I decided I wanted to find a program in which I could do research in a hospital and shadow a doctor.

While talking to one of my mentors, he put me in touch with Dr. Jamerson. Dr. Jamerson is a internist who specializes in hypertension and kidney disease. This summer my internship with Dr. Jamerson consisted of doing research in his clinical trials, while also shadowing his day by day routine. This was a great opportunity to receive more medical experience, gain an extremely helpful mentor and also meet a plethora of other doctors. At the time I felt that my biggest challenge would be the amount of hours I worked or how nervous I was going to be while seeing patients with him. However, putting my nerves aside I was very excited to begin working with Dr. Jamerson.


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