informational Interview 2.

The second informational interview was key in my pursuit towards my career.  The interview actually took place last minute with an alum from Michigan who works in the venture capital industry.  I chose to connect with him as I found myself going to New York for an interview.  As I was in the city, I felt that it would be smart to network as much as possible, hoping that I can potentially learn a thing or two from an alum in finance.  I decided to email one of the partners of the VC firm, asking him if he had time to connect.  After I emailed him, he recommended that I stop by the firm, and grab a bite to eat with him.  I stopped by the firm, and got the chance to view the office and sit down and speak with him.  While speaking with him, he gave me a lot of information on finance, and really spoke to me about pursuing stepping stones to help prepare you for your career instead of jumping straight into a career.  I learned the importance of understanding the industry before jumping into the industry.  I also recognized the importance of challenging yourself at a young age.  I decided to apply my learning to the remainder of my internship by taking the time to learn the industry as a whole instead of just the sales side of things. This is also pushing me to really dive into taking courses that interest me, and challenge myself to go into a career where I can learn the most.

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