Blog #5

Throughout my internship experience I have had to tackle certain tasks that were new to me. I describe them as obstacles I had to overcome because although they weren’t exactly difficult tasks, they were projects I never had done before so that’s why they were challenging. My third day at the internship my supervisor assigned me to cover for an assistant while they were out of the office, which was very intimidating. My job for that day consisted of answering phones for their boss, updating their call log and schedules, responding to their emails, and roll calling. The phone system was very frightening to me at first because I was afraid of transferring the calls to the wrong number or hanging up and dropping the call by accident. My first few hours answering the phones I kept forgetting to ask for a call back number or pay attention to what they said their name was. For some reason I was also nervous answering the phones which kept distracting me from hearing their name correctly so I had to keep asking them to repeat the spelling of their name just so I can be sure I log it right. I had to start explaining to them that I was an intern so they didn’t think it was rude or unprofessional of me to not know who was calling because normally the assistants are already familiar with the names of their bosses’ clients. By the end of the internship I was able to feel very confident when working the phones in any given circumstance and am now happy that I have that real desk experience.

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