Blog #5: Overcoming Obstacles

I think the biggest challenge the fellow interns and I faced was coming together as a team, united behind one mission, which should’ve been to serve and teach our students. I think our group of seven interns came up short when it came to this. There were constant times where personal issues between people got into the way of executing effective lessons and teaching our student we had a privilege of serving. As the internship is now over, I reflect back and wonder what could have been done differently in order for us to come together better as a team? I think first off, there should have been a greater emphasis in the first week or two on team-building strategies. Through different activities we could have learned the working style of other interns and focused on drawing on the strengths of each other. Secondly, I think it would have been beneficial to have a couple sessions discussing and writing about our “why.” Here we were, seven young adults from all over, brought together in a small village in India to teach children. We all applied to the same position, maybe for similar reason or maybe for different ones. I think having the chance to consciously sit down and discuss why we all came here in the first place would have served as a good anchor for the small, personal things that would eventually end up affecting peoples work ethic. Overall, this was a great learning experience and I am incredibly grateful for my two months in India.

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