Tips for Future Mcubed Researchers #5

Mcubed is undoubtedly a very rewarding program for every researcher. Unfortunately, because this summer was its first year launching, many students were not informed of the opportunity. The application process is a little different from other mainstream research programs from universities. In order to complete the process on time, you’re advised to start at least two weeks before the deadline. However, the sooner the better, because many projects close as they get filled up by qualified candidates. You will be given a list of all Mcubed projects, each with the faculty members’ contact information. You will contact them via email with your resume and cover letter that show your qualification for the specific tasks you will be assigned and interest. From there, interested research faculty will respond to your email and hopefully set up an interview with you to further discuss your qualification and project details. Once you have secured a spot on a Mcubed research team, you can start your general application to the Mcubed program.

From my personal experience, I think the program is the most benefiting for aspired medical students and engineers who need hands-on experience in labs. From talking to other Mcubed participants, many of them were trained to handle different lab equipments, which can be crucial to their future career. In the end, experiences are what will lead us to succeed in the real world. Before you apply to each project, make sure you carefully read through the project details and faculty background. Read about the tasks you will be given so you know that what you do this summer will help build your skill set. Get to know about your possible mentors’ background so you know for sure that his or her field of expertise will help you build yours and you two will have a common ground of interests. Do well on your interviews! Don’t be timid, just show them your best!

Good luck to anyone who will be applying to Mcubed next summer!

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