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I chose this internship because it seemed like an opportunity to experience my intended major of Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB) before I went ahead to declare in the coming semester. I have always been fond of Biology but did not want to go into the Major that is Biology as a whole. Therefore, my decision was to discover what aspect I had the most interest in and pursue it. My first exposure to CMB was a lower lever Biology Lab course that I had to take as a prerequisite, in which I dealt in the fields of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. This Internship further solidified my interest in CMB and gave me more confidence in the declaration of my Major.

When I first began this research, I was not very sure of my Plan, as I made a few mistakes with experiments and I found it difficult to understand most of the scientific terms used in the Lab, as I only had exposure to basic experiments. After a while, I started being more confident due to the support I got from the other Graduate Students in the Lab and their assurance that I would get to understand what was going on clearly and wouldn’t need as much help anymore.

Going on, I became very involved in the more advanced experiments and this helped propel me in the right direction of what I wanted to Major in. I also got to participate in writing a research paper on an experiment that I helped with. It was a very exciting experience and I am glad it is not over as I would be continuing with the Lab part time during the fall semester, and will definitely be declaring my major in CMB.

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