Informational Interview | #1

For one of my interviews, I choose someone who worked for the medical division of Mission of Hope. I connected with this individual because they have a job that I would consider for myself for future summer jobs. Connecting with this individual gave me a better idea how to advance through the job levels at Mission of Hope. What I learned from my time with this individual is that character outside of the job is so important. Because we eat, sleep, worship with the people we work with, it is important to remember that you are always on stage and always interviewing for the future jobs. He established his character to be one that worked well with others, had good integrity, was courteous, was honest, and thoughtful. Something he also commented on was the ability to communicate well. Part of his job was to create the weekly schedules and to present it to the department every week. He had to make sure everything was organized and well planned before the meeting. Make sure that everyone knew their expectations and tasks for the week, and to make changes depending on what was happening with our mobile clinic, our warehouse shipments and our long term patients. He also was in charge of shifting everyone’s schedules depending if we had unexpected events happen throughout the week. It was so important for him to make sure we all knew what was going on so that we could accomplish the week’s goals.

I did this interview early on in my internship. To learn about how important it is to be presenting the best of myself at all times was an important note for me. I do not yet know if I want to come back to work for Mission of Hope, but it is good to keep relations good in case I do decide to apply for another job at Mission of Hope. It is also good to be presenting my best self so that when I apply for other jobs, the job references I will be able to get from Mission of Hope can be better than just good, they can be exceptional and speak further into my character. For my future career pursuits, this interview provided me an inside look on how to climb the ladder within NGOs. It gave me an example of what it looks like to succeed at a place you live and work in. Because I plan to eventually work full time at an NGO like Mission of Hope, it was good insight into what it looks like to do well at one.

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