My Takeaway | #5

With only a couple days left in the summer, my internship has mostly wrapped up. I could not be more satisfied with the outcomes of the last 3 months. From technical knowledge, to practical skills, and of course friendships, I wholly look forward to using and enjoying these in the future. On the technical side, I am now much more comfortable with complex topics related to networking and cyber security including the inner-workings of the Domain Name System, NXDOMAIN anomalies, and Internet of Things device detection/measurements. Beyond the topics themselves, I have also learned many necessary practical things. Learning how to properly find, criticize, and take valuable information from relevant scholarly articles has saved our research group time, increased accuracy in our measurements by comparing sources of error, and will hopefully open up areas for collaboration in the near future. Other practical skills include increased knowledge and of Unix environments, bleeding-edge topics in cyber security, and more. And as I have mentioned in previous blog posts, the friendships that I have made this summer have been very important to me and one of my most prized takeaways from the last three months. Building a relationship with my supervising professor has also been successful, so much so that I am happy to say that I will be continuing at Merit Network using work-study award funds as a research intern for the 2017-18 school year. Undoubtedly, the experience gained and money saved this summer will have extraordinary impacts for my future schooling and job prospects. I have already been able to begin looking into future internships that would have been previously unattainable for a lack of experience. For these reasons I have nothing but thankfulness for the donors of the LSA Summer-Internship Opportunity scholarship.

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