Reflecting On My Internship #5

My last day of my internship was one of the best and worst of this past summer. The best because I spent a fun filled day with my team, and the worst because I had to say goodbye to them.

On my last day, my team and I had an offsite meeting, meaning we had a team building meeting outside of our work building. I had been working with my mentor the past month on planning the meeting, and it was exciting to finally carry it out. We had lunch, had a meeting where we discussed our strengths and goals for the rest of the year and goals for 2018, went to Escape the Room in Detroit and ended with dinner at the Rusted Crow. Needless to say, it was a great day.

After this fun day, I drove home feeling extremely sad I wouldn’t get to see my team every Monday through Friday, but also extremely happy and grateful that I was given this amazing internship experience. I learned and grew so much as a person. I figured out that I have awesome presentation skills and i can effectively communicate my ideas to an audience. I can come up with great solutions to problems. I learned that work is actually fun when you enjoy the people around you and like what you’re doing everyday. I learned that I really enjoy having one on one conversations with people and learning about them. I learned that I prefer to have an organized day with a list of things to do, rather than coming up with what I have to do next after I complete one task. I learned a lot more in addition to this, but what is important about all that I did learn is that it is going to help me figure out what I want to do for my future career, and that is exactly why I wanted this internship. I was very unsure about what I wanted to do with my life after college before I started this internship, and now after this experience, I am much closer to knowing what I would like to do.

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