Se Llama Lama: Peru Adventures | #3


The toughest thing about this internship is overcoming the the lack of resources at the orphanage. Because it is chaotic and a bit unorganized at times, identifying what is the biggest issue and then assessing what you can do in this space is probably the toughest. Although most would assume, your project at the start defines this for you. Coming into it and figuring out what works best and what doesn’t was difficult. Accepting I wasn’t going to make a long term difference was difficult for me.
Offering stability or some sort of consistency for the kids was something I wanted to be cognizant of. I wanted to be very particular in my promises and what I provided them. Going through many days being very stressed out in what I was able to offer them was not as productive. And after talking with other volunteers about what type of impact I wanted to make cleared my head and I was able to start.
Something I would have liked that would have better prepared me, was being okay with the fact that things may not go smoothly and often times that may be a common scenario to find myself in. Getting a handle on how to be quick and adaptable is something that can’t really be taught but learned through experiences like this one.

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