Se Llama Lama: Peru Adventures | #5

Leaving your new found home to go back to home is a strange concept. I’ve build so many relations here with people and it’s going to be strange not seeing them again any time soon. After being at the orphanage and getting to know the kids on a deeper such as their dreams and aspirations. Leaving suddenly is going to affect, I think, both me and the kids.

I developed a lot personally and professionally from this international experience. Coming away from this experience, I am able to refine my career choice a bit more because of the things I’ve seen and done in Peru. I believe in some fields the barrier to entry is a lot lower when it comes to background knowledge. So if I wanted to help someone who is sick, there is only so much I can do before the patient needs more than I can provide currently.

I don’t doubt the fact that I made an impact. But reflecting now I think the impact I made is not something I necessarily want to make in the future. I now know that the specific impact I do want requires more of me in terms of training. And having the opportunity to learn that this summer is invaluable.

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