Research Updates

Per my internship, I am writing a research paper to answer how a landscape design business takes environmental sustainability into account during the process of landscape planning and how they implement it in conjunction with the needs of their customers and my goals were to learn and analyze how this company utilizes environmentally-friendly procedures in different stages of the landscape design process in the face of barriers or compromise. I had planned on doing so through various interviews which I completed with different people involved in the process i.e. the owner of the company, our horticulture specialist, our maintenance manager, different customers, and architects we worked with from a landscape architecture firm.

In doing so, I synthesized trends from their interviews, and a lot of them came to the conclusion regarding the importance of functionality for the clients but also reasoning with the specific environment which they are working with. In this particular business, the marriage between durability and functionality of the design are key. And from what I gathered via interviews at differing stages, there is an ebb and flow between these two depending on the job and client.


Currently, I will be a senior at the University of Michigan. I am interning at a landscape design company in Northern Michigan and learning about sustainable practices of the landscape business.

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