#5 | The Conclusion

I am now going back home. I am truthfully quite sad.

I feel like I have grown up a lot from this experience. I feel like a changed person. I flew across the world alone to live 3.5 months in a country where I didn’t know anybody. I would do it again without a question asked.

I think I will seriously consider returning here and living an actual settled-down lifestyle. I don’t know if it would be forever, but I can see myself doing it for 5 years, 10 years, who knows. Maybe after such time I’d be so deep that I would decide to stay forever. Only the future knows. I just have a desire to become truly bilingual in my lifetime, and along with the beauty of this world and this style of living, the language skills and cultural knowledge play a big part in what I want to accomplish in my life.

It feels like only yesterday I arrived at the TXL airport on a hot day in May. Everything is in German – the signs, the train ticket machines, the bottles of water and candy bars. I had to figure out how to get where I  needed with no cell service and all German everything. It was a huge “wow” moment. Now I’m having another huge “wow” moment. The summer has come and gone. I’m going home.

I am so appreciative and grateful for this summer and still find it unfathomable at times that this all actually happened. It has truly been the most profound, exciting, and unique experience I’ve had in my life up to this point. Ich bin ein Berliner. Until next time, Berlin. I have a feeling I will be back.

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