A Long Short Week

This past week was tough, but in the best way. I was cranking at 100% the whole time, and I went home every day exhausted. But, being so busy made me think “It’s already Friday?” once it came around. This might be my new favorite project that I’ve worked on.

My office is working with MDining and the Campus Farms to advertise their new relationship and collaboration. I spent all day Wednesday and Thursday filming, and a few hours on Friday. I used the rest of Friday to edit together the over two hours of footage I had collected. On Wednesday and Thursday, I went to the Campus Farm and filmed everything I could. I got so many shots of vegetables being planted, watered, harvested, watered, and packed. I lugged around my equipment back and forward across the farm, and even laid down on the ground for a shot that I wanted a certain way.

When I looked at the footage I got I was really proud of myself. It was one of the first times I really felt confident in my abilities as a cinematographer. It especially helped when I presented it to my bosses. They applauded my creative use of angles and color and composition. My coworker, a photographer, kept taking pictures of me as well, especially when I got on the ground, so that’s a fun insight into the life behind the camera. The summer is wrapping and I’m really happy where I’m at.

Note: I wrote this after work on Friday, but for some reason the site doesn’t work as a poster on my laptop at home. I waited to post it today. Also, I keep trying to put pictures with this post but the media uploader refuses to function. I’ll keep working on it and hopefully edit this post once I figure it out.


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