A picture worth 1000 words- Blog #3

This photograph perfectly defines my summer internship experience. As an intern in a law firm you can expect to spend a lot of time on your feet. I was constantly walking between courthouses and banks running errands for the firm.  On a large majority of these visits, I would bump into many people that I knew. On this particularly day I ran into Travon Stearns while in route to the 36th district courthouse in downtown Detroit. Travon is one of my best friends at the University of Michigan and we were excited to see each other. I haven’t spoken with Travon much since school let out in April, so we took a second to reconnect in Campus Martius Park.

Travon gave me updates on his summer, informing me that he is interning at Quicken Loans working directly alongside Dan Gilbert. I was very excited for “Tray” as we call him and went on to explain my duties as a law firm intern. After spending about 15 minutes catching up we both had to get back to work, but not before taking a picture first. This is my favorite picture of the summer as it displays the growth we have both achieved together.

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