About Leadership and Patience | #2

As my internship approaches an end, my employer has hired someone new for a full time position. While she enjoys giving students an opportunity to expand their skill set in an office setting, it is difficult to train someone to be the perfect employee only to let them go when their time is up.  You may be wondering what all this has to do with me; I was given the task of training the new hire.

This new role taught me so many new things relating to leadership. The most important being that a good leader is patient. Most of the daily tasks that I was responsible for during my time at Luzod have become like a second nature to me. That makes training all the more difficult. There is no greater test of patience than waiting for someone to figure out directions that are clear to you but foreign to them. Luckily, as the days passed and the new hire became more and more familiar with our daily operations, my task became easier.

Thanks to this experience, I know to approach all new leadership positions with patience. Everyone has different capacities for learning new things and a good leader takes that into consideration.

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