Beginning Something New (Blog #5)

I have started this blog post so many times. Always, my words sputter out and I am left like a car, abandoned on the side of the highway. It’s been a few days since I finished my internship at LifeMoves, but the distance was instant. It was over all at once with no time for reflection. I cannot say that I fulfilled all my goals coming into the internship, because the goals, themselves, evolved and changed throughout my experience. I thought homelessness was a problem to be combatted. Now, I know that it is a problem that can be solved. The people at LifeMoves proved this to me, day after day. I was never the first one into the office or the last one to leave. Even the quick glances spared as I was leaving, told me that there were still productive conversations occurring, still work being done. I would try to eavesdrop, but this wasn’t the way. The only way to understand the dedicated is to adapt their obsession. This was the obsession with every detail, the obsession that drove them to pursue every opportunity available. For a case manager in the field, it means quickly identifying a client’s needs and addressing them effectively. It means calling landlord after landlord to find housing for an individual or family. For the people at the Administration office, it meant doing their small part to helping LifeMoves improve as a program, ranging from reporting on donor trends from last year to stuffing backpacks with school supplies for the kids. My small part mainly consisted of creating documentation for the new client database. This new database will hopefully allow LifeMoves to analyze its programs more comprehensively by tracking client progress a year after receiving services. In business, every company is required to improve or be devoured by the endless surge of capitalism. Non-profits are often accused of staying with the status quo. To me, this database was proof that there was no such apathy at LifeMoves. As I start my second year of college, I hope to adopt the same questioning attitude. Even as I am writing this, I have begun to adjust and question my writing style. It feels more purposeful. It feels like a mission.


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