Blog #5

In the beginning few weeks of my internship, my boss decided to put in the studio once a week in order to help the photo studio coordinator with photoshoots. Working in the studio used to be a relaxing and fun day for me but oh boy little did I know. Two weeks after my first day, the photo studio coordinator quit. Since I was the only who had actually interned with the coordinator, my boss wanted me to continue helping in the studio till they found a replacement. Now, I was working three to four days a week in the studio. Eventually, I was managing the whole studio without much help. My responsibilities included receiving all the boxes for the shoot, inventorying them with proper photos, assisting with styling and photoshoots and returning the boxes with proper clothes. I was unpacking and shooting four hundred clothes a day and was working 12 hours a day. It definitely wasn’t rocket science but required a lot of hard work and organisation. Moreover, I was not expecting this since I was never interested in fashion aspect of the startup but more interested in the business side of the startup. However, I decided to take this opportunity in my stride. It made me realise that my boss had faith in me to give me such a big responsibility and I definitely wanted to leave a good impression. With the help of 2 other interns, I devised an efficient system that made the process much faster and made sure we didn’t make any mistakes. I decided to take charge as well as responsibility if anything went wrong. I divided the whole process among the three of us. One girl was responsible for unpacking and I was responsible for inventorying everything electronically. While the other girl assisted in styling and steaming the clothes. After the shoot all three of us would pack the clothes together. At the end of the day, I made sure to send a full detailed email to my boss just to keep her in the loop. After the few weeks my boss decided to give me more responsibility and I had to make sure that all the clothes that we shot were made available on the website the same day. This added a little dent in my plan since it required me to work even longer hours but this made me realise that I didn’t mind what I was doing and actually liked working long hours and loved the satisfaction I would get at the end of the day when everything was done and would receive due credit for my work.

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