Blog #5

As I look back on my internship, I don’t think I ever let anyone down ever or made a costly mistake. This was partly because none of the work I was doing really permanent. Most of my work consisted of inputing data to pre-existing spreadsheets on google sheets. Realistically if I made any drastic mistakes they would be able to see that in the History and delete it from there. I noticed LNE was switching over to google drive from Microsoft office. I think all of the full time employees would agree they like how Microsoft functions, but the ability to edit documents and have them edited in real time is unbeatable. Although I didn’t make any mistakes on the technical side I think I made a mistake by showing up late to work one day. I was only late by 3mins, but when I got in every person on my floor was gone. An hour later everyone filled back in and I had realized I missed an 11 o’clock meeting. I felt so unlucky because literally every other day showing up at 11:03 would have made no difference. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I used this as a learning experience. From there on out if I was ever taking my sweet time in the morning; I would refer back to that time I looked like a fool sitting on an empty floor for an hour.

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