Blog #6

Few weeks into the internship I realized how monotonous a sales job could be. Sitting next to the sales team I heard them pitch the same scripted idea again again. My job at that time was to research suitable leads of boutiques that could be featured on the website. After a few weeks of doing the same thing and hearing the same thing I was sure this is not a path for me. I want to do something that requires me to learn new things everyday. However this had not impacted by path of study. I am still very much interested in Economics. I’m glad I took this internship because at least now I’m sure about the type of career I don’t want. Moreover, I have many options to explore. Networking with a few people in finance and other big corporations, I realised that I want to give a chance to consulting – mainly focusing on strategy. In order to explore the path of consulting, I plan to connect with people who have been working in this field and have the same academic background as me. I also plan to apply to a few internships next work related to consulting.

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