Blog #6

Overall I think this internship showed me that a corporate role is not meant for me…at least initially. I think I would be better suited working at a middle tier entertainment company and then be hired into a corporate company at a hire standing position. I think its easy to get lost in the sea of interns when you step into a corporate office at such a low position. However I think this was a worthwhile experience because I am interested in the Music industry and I could definitely see myself pursuing a career in that industry. I also think it served as worthwhile experience because I was able to connect with over 30 top tier companies and just to get my name out there. I was happy I was able to expand on my work as my internship went on because my superiors grew more trusting of my abilities. I personally wouldn’t come back to LNE as an intern and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone. Im not sure what type of classes my internship will make me want to pursue down the rode, but it definitely has given me a strong reference point to refer back to when I consider my next job or internship.

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