Blog: Informational Interview 1

I connected with my contact through my fathers previous business encounters with him. I reached out myself to setup a meeting with him and he told me to come into his office for lunch and a meeting. I didn’t know what to expect from him. My dad told me was young for his position so I already went into the meeting with an eagerness to pick his brain and see how I could rise to a steady position in short amount of time. He gave me a lot of advice but the one that has stuck the most was to try to find my way in a “not so corporate” environment/workplace. I also thought we were able to connect because I opened up his perspective on his relationship with his children. He has known my dad for almost a decade and I was able to really make him understand how important it is that he makes time for his kids. Although my dad was busy nearly all the time, I was still able to have a healthy relationship with him. I told him the key to his happiness will be his children’s happiness and I think hearing that from a teenager made it really ring true to him. This was a great lunch/interview and I think it could seriously lead to a job down the road.

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