Blog: Informational Interview 2

The second person I interviewed is my manager. I had connected with my manager during the one on one meeting to learn about his position, which is a technical manager position. I was curious about the position because it seems to be a job with a big responsibility. During the interview, I asked him what he does on a daily basis. He showed me his schedule and it was full of meetings. He has to learn about where everyone in the team is at with the project during the one on one meeting. So he schedules a weekly 1-1 meeting with everyone to give anyone a feedback and track their progress. He not only has to keep track of everyone but also has to meet with other managers and his managers to tell them how our team is doing with the projects and schedule meetings to talk about other details on the projects. I learned that he had been a software development engineer for more than ten years, which is how he is very knowledgeable with the technical details of the projects. With the interview, I learned about what it is like to be a manager. I think it is a job that requires a lot of skills more than just coding. From the interview, it sounded like it has many business aspects in it too. I think the interview was helpful to me because I might consider becoming a manager in the future.

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