Blog: Informational Interview 2

I really enjoyed my interview with Mr. X. I have a strong interest in diamonds and jewelry that I was never really to learn about from a professional until now. I looked back at my previous interview and used the advice I had received, which is really how I found Mr. X. I knew it must have been a good company because it had only ever been family owned and I knew the company wouldn’t be too big where I would have trouble talking to someone senior. After a few back and forth emails with his assistant I was able to schedule a meeting with Mr. X. The interview was great although I will admit I should have came with more questions prepared. Mr. X offered me some very helpful advice for my internship at LNE. He reassured me that this is exactly how all corporate interns feel and that I shouldn’t get discouraged. He told me my time at LNE was more valuable than I can even grasp right now. Mr. X really believed in me or maybe he was just a good person. It made me realize that sometimes the corporate world doesn’t mean the best people. My meeting with Mr. X was extremely important to my growth as an up and coming business man, especially if I want to stay clear of the corporate world.

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