Blog Post #4: Ann Arbor in the Summer

When I had started to let people know that I was planning on staying in Ann Arbor over the summer before the school year ended, a lot of people brought up how different Ann Arbor is then compared to the school year. Having been here for over three months since school has ended, I completely understand what they were seeing.

As much as I miss the luxury of having all my friends on campus and running into familiar faces wherever I go, I love living in Ann Arbor during the summer. For the first time, I was able to experience many Ann Arbor traditions. From tubing the Huron River to attending the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, I got the chance to do so many things that let me further explore the city that I had originally thought I knew so well.

It has been interesting working in an university office during a time that the campus is mostly free of students. Other than the occasional orientation groups passing and the students taking summer or spring classes, there aren’t many students who are on campus. I was a bit worried about staying in Ann Arbor without the comfort of my friends and classmates, but it has allowed me with the independence to explore the city.

Along with the other summer coordinator who worked in the office, I helped manage the Mentorship Program’s social media accounts. As it was the summer, we had trouble coming up with material to post. It was a lot easier to advertise school resources and events during the school year. We tried to find material around the community that was relevant to the incoming freshmen who might  be on campus for orientation or a visit with their family.

For our social media pages and our bi-weekly newsletter, we advertised recommendations for places to visit and events to attend. It encouraged me to go do some of the things myself, such as go to the Arb for the first time.

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