Connecting Dots | #6

As I was finally approaching to the end my internship, I had several 1:1 meetings with my managers and the COO of the company to review my progress and future endeavors. It was a great opportunity for me to recap my learnings and plan my career path when I go back to school.

To become a marketing expert, I have learned that data analysis skill is essential. With such skill, I can understand the consumers’ trend better and explain what kind of user-acquisition plan will help maximize the number of users and eventually create more profit. So, I have decided to take financial statistics and programming courses.

Moreover, I have registered to attend several career workshops, networking events, and alumni sessions to gain professional advices from the field. This internship has provided me hands-on experience from what I have overseen from my managers and at seminars. Likewise, I believe hearing stories from professionals in the field are helpful for me to clarify my career development plans. Lastly, participating in club organizations or meeting new peers who have similar interests as I do will be great opportunities to share our insights and knowledge to find great career opportunities. I felt fortunate to meet great co-workers and real experience in the field to understand what kind of preparation to make before graduation.

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