Final Closures | #6

I can’t believe I will be a senior this year. This summer has flown by and the adult world is creeping up fast. I am so thankful I have been able to participate in an international internship this year. I have learned so much and I can’t wait to apply my skills to my classes this year. I know the branding and marketing skills I used for my internship are the most applicable for my entrepreneurship classes. The entrepreneurship minor I will be completing this semester focuses on running, growing, and managing a sustainable venture. My creative branding and marketing skills were put to test this summer. I feel more confident this year going into my last year because this internship has helped me understand my skill set.

Aspects of my internship that excited me the most

  • I was working in another country. I was able to experience another culture different than mine.
  • I was able to be very creative with my work. Everyday was a different thing. We worked on a variety of things from website design, to photoshoots, to videography.
  • I was very close to work and at most it was a five minute commute
  • I had an amazing relationship with my boss
  • Work was in a relaxed environment – there were no extreme deadlines
  • I had enough time to myself to do whatever I pleased without having to worry about work.

Areas that need more development to be successful in my role

  • Learn more about SEO’s and the logistic side of the small business (ie shipping prices, cost efficiency, budgeting).
  • Learning how to maintain a consistent following on social media and bring in consistent sales from those new followers

Overall, I couldn’t be more proud of my work this internship. It was my very first one so I had to overcome many anxieties. I definitely recommend this program to other students seeking work for startup businesses. The amount of agency you receive allows you to jump on new opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have in a bigger company.

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