Informational Interview #1

One of the reasons I decided to intern at a startup was because I knew I could actually learn from true innovators and thus I decided to conduct the informational interview with the CEO of the company. Rather than an interview, it was more like a conversation where we got to know more about each other. I aspire to be an entrepreneur one day and I thought there is no better to way to learn about entrepreneurship than taking to someone who is a successful entrepreneur and that’s why I decided to interview her. Moreover, her academic and career path before the startup is what I am interested in.

One of the first question I asked her was, “How do you make the most influential networking connections?” and to my surprise she answered that she doesn’t believe in networking. According to her we should build relations and that also authentic relations with people who we respect and admire. I feel this will hep me a lot in the future as I continue to build connects and look for internship and jobs. Another advise she gave me was that always be nice to people, they are more helpful that way plus you never know when you might need someone. I actually noticed this during my internship, whenever she would ask someone to stay longer or to help with something out of their scope of work, she would also be super sweet and chirpy and this motivated people to actually say yes.

Finally, one thing she said that stayed with me was “Team Work makes the Dream Work”.

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