Leadership Experience- Blog #2

When I began my internship I was wide-eyed and slightly nervous. I figured my internship experience would consist of mainly fetching coffee and copying documents. I had no idea what my employers expected from me nor the responsibilities they would assign. I quickly became acclimated.

After showing me around the office and getting me acquainted with the staff, my supervisor immediately put me to work. I was assigned the daunting task of reorganizing the entire file cabinet so that attorneys could quickly find clients’ documents. I was actually pleased with my first assignment because I didn’t have any major responsibilities, that would soon change.

While alphabetizing the file cabinet, my supervisor would slowly start assigning me different tasks to get me familiar with the multiple skills necessary to intern in a law office. After awhile, I was expected to be proactive and solve problems on my own. I didn’t recognize it at the time, but I was being groomed for a leadership role.

By the end of the summer, I was responsible for 5 other interns and found myself assigning tasks to others that I used to do myself. My leadership skills grew exponentially this summer and I owe it all to my internship. I will be sure to apply the leadership skills acquired while interning at the Perkins and Pitts law firms into all facets of my life.

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