Looking Back at CMT | Blog #5

Now that my internship has ended, I can’t help but reflect on the experience with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for all of the people I met and the lessons I learned from working at CMT/Viacom. This experience was truly once in a lifetime, and some of my memories are so surreal that I find it hard to believe that some of these experiences even happened. But they did, and for that I am truly grateful.

One of the most influential experiences that I had at CMT/Viacom was near the end, when I got to be there for the “Farewell Party” for CMT’s president at the time–Mr. Brian Philips. This event was truly incredible: not only did all of CMT gather for food, drinks, and a reflection video for Mr. Philips, but so did several industry professionals and country music icons. The appreciation that so many artists/industry leaders had for Mr. Philips was evident in the video montage that they provided for the occasion. As a country music fan, I have to say that it was pretty special to see some of my favorite artists giving their best wishes for my company’s leader. This event solidified my understanding of how important strong leadership is–and how people appreciate having a leader who shows his/her appreciation for his/her team regularly. The absence of Mr. Philips was felt by all–which I believe is a true testament to the legacy he created at CMT. I can only hope to one day leave such a strong impact on an organization that I care about.

Now that my time at CMT/Viacom has ended, I feel very confident in my network of industry professionals and my knowledge/abilities relating to the TV network world. I look forward to using the skills that I gained at CMT/Viacom to improve the organizations that I am involved in at Michigan, and then to build upon these skills at my next internship. Thanks to LSA & CMT/Viacom for an experience of a lifetime!


Jaime R

Programming Strategy Intern @ CMT/Viacom Media Networks

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