Mystery Meat – ESJ Blog Post 2

Hello All,

Internships are often wonderful doors to new and exciting opportunities, and while that is all well and good, I have found that often times these opportunities include a few strange notes. For instance, one of the PIs at my internship declaired that every other Friday be reserved for “Mystery Meats”. This wasn’t compulsory or anything, but over the course of my ten week internship I ate rattlesnake, beaver, and five different types of insect as well as others.

Now, this is all well and good, and I quite enjoyed the “mystery meat” days (no one in our group happened to be vegetarian), but it surprised me how narrow some people’s previous culinary experiences were. At first impression, it’s easy to shrug this sort of thing off, maybe through in a “try it, you might like it” if you yourself like the particular food item in question, but on another level food is very representative of culture. To quote my lit professor, “Food is never just food”.

Of course, I might be getting a little pompous proposing that this literary symbolism might strike true in real life.

Regardless, while there are many things in life that you should do your best to avoid, there are many more, such as cuisine that I feel you must try in order to understand and/or appreciate the culture from which they originate. And while my own literal diet is varied, this over analysis of food did spark the thought of whether I am a metaphorical picky eater.

I have opinions. Strong ones. And I tend to voice them.

But while I am confident in my own choices of opinion, it’s always nice to have a little reminder about keeping an open mind and palate.

Anyway, I hope my self amused ramblings didn’t entirely bore you. It’s rather late here, and I might be a bit sleep deprived because the pictures I originally wanted to center this post around won’t load. Oh, well, such is life!




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