Overcoming Obstacles

One of the goals that I set for the summer was to find a way to differentiate myself from other interns. I found a way to accomplish this goal, which was writing blog posts. However, I soon faced the obstacle of time management. Although I thought of a new, cool, and fun project for myself, I still had to complete the other daily intern tasks, such as data entry. This meant more work to complete within the 8 am – 6 pm time frame.

I overcame this obstacle in many ways. First, I designated time slots for each project. This helped me stay focused on the task at hand, which ultimately motivated me to stay on track. Second, I worked on the blogs from home, or stayed at the office after hours to complete both projects. While I tried to stay on track with the designated time slots, other obligations would occasionally come up. Thus, staying after hours would help me not fall behind for the next day’s goals. Finally, when my supervisors asked me to write more blogs, I designated other interested interns to write posts. This was not only a way to circumvent a work overload, but it made it fun, as it became a group project. Overall, I am happy that I faced this challenge with a positive attitude to find the smartest way to overcome it.

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