Post #4

I take a look back at my goals and think that they are all exactly what they should be. I think they have been much harder to achieve than I really thought they would be. I didn’t expect it to be so hard to leave a long lasting impact/impression on the full time employees, but I also didn’t expect to be just a number in the intern pool. Maybe one goal I could add would be how to differentiate myself from the other interns. I am proud of myself for not letting any of my disgruntled feelings surrounding my work environment show on my face or body language. I believe I have been keeping a calm composure for the tedious/mindless day to day work that I do. I don’t want to complain, nor could I because the work I’m doing could be done by anyone with a middle school diploma. This work all takes place on the computer and I would say that I do a solid job. All of my superiors thought I was doing solid work at an efficient pace. It was slightly upsetting at times because even some of my superiors knew how mindless the assignments really were.

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